Agricultural Sector

Magnetic Water Softener For Agriculture

We at Nirmall Enterprises believe that water plays an integral part of the efficient functioning of any farm. Thus seeking the most effective water solutions proves to be extremely crucial. If you have been facing water problems with salt affected soils or iron in your water supply, by applying our unique water conditioner for agriculture you get the added benefits of using a technology which requires no chemicals, no filters and mandates absolutely zero- maintenance.

Nirmall Enterprise’s agriculture water softener is a simple, sustainable and effective approach to conditioning water. Millions of satisfied customers around India and across the world are benefiting from our tried-and-tested methods along with our proven technology. We understand your organization’s goals to produce the finest farm produce and help do so by improving the process and equipment efficiency while driving down overall costs of production. Our ingenious magnetic water softener for agriculture provides water conditioning solutions no matter what the water source.

Raw water often contains a variety of water contaminants such as suspended solids, organics, inherent hardness along with heavy metals such as manganese, iron, lead and arsenic. Additionally, care must be taken to ensure the proper removal or reduction of these elements before introducing the water into your processes. Wherever your raw water comes from; be it bore water, recycled waste streams, river water, town mains water, saline water and water rich in minerals such as salinity and iron, our water softener for agriculture use helps tackle all your highly mineralised and hard water quality problems. We’ve been helping scores of organizations like yours effectively treat their process water for a number of years and likely have a solution for you. We guarantee your utmost satisfaction and once you make use of it, your water issues will be a thing of the past. Here are some of the numerous benefits you can avail of when you make use of our agriculture water softener:

• Prevents unscheduled downtime from corrosion failures by eliminating hard water scale and corrosion on all water related equipment.
• Reduces Fuel and Electrical costs by reducing water usage.
Magnetic water softener for agriculture helps lower soil salinity and improves irrigation water.
• Encourages plant and crop growth thus helping generate greater crop yields.
• Helps inhibit algae growth – stock troughs and tanks remain cleaner.
• Negates the use of fertilizers while releasing zero chemicals or waste by-products.
• Helps promote crop growth by improving the plant's intake of water and nutrients, therefore, providing healthier plants.
• Improves seed germination rate while helping improve crop yield by 15-30% and in some case, even up to 100%.