Nirmall Enterprise is a pioneer in bringing forth revolutionary technologies to prudently harness scarce resources in order to cater to the increasing needs of domestic and industrial arenas in an eco friendly manner. With the help of a team of renowned scientists, researchers and engineers, we have come up with superior technologies and ways to utilize them in an efficient way.

We are currently working on two such ground-breaking projects which will take sustainable development to a whole new level. Air ozonization for air purification as well as prevention of fogs is one of their subjects of ongoing research which will prove to be advantageous to many sectors. The other technology we are working on is rainwater conservation whereby the technology will help in providing water storage capacities to drought prone areas.

Nirmall Enterprise’s innovative vortexed magnetized water conditioners are made using very powerful permanent magnets designed and developed exclusively by us. It helps reduce the effects of hard water by passing it through a magnetic field. This results in the water and the dissolved minerals present in the water to change in character at the molecular level thus proving to be an effective and a non-chemical alternative to water softening.

Scale deposits by untreated waters often lead to several technical and economic problems in industrial plants and equipment by blocking the flow of water in pipes or by limiting the process of heat transfer in heat exchangers. Our specially designed vortexed magnetized water solutions help in de-scaling any surface this magnetically treated water passes over. Furthermore, it also transforms what was once unusable water, into a drinkable, usable commodity. Our vortex water softener agriculture products are designed to treat scale, corrosion, salinity, iron, magnesium, hardness and algae while helping improve the overall structure and quality of water. This also further guarantee the best possible results from any water supply.

Our magnetised water is particularly helpful in the construction sector as it helps increase cement strength by 15-30% while also improving economies of scale. Our technology allows not only to increase concrete's density but, at the same time, allows to decrease its porosity thus preventing corrosion of steel inside reinforced concrete. Cement made with magnetized water also tends to harden quicker and gets strength faster on the initial stage. It also makes laying of the concrete mixture becomes easier and significantly prevents wastage of cement.

Wherever hardness of water is an issue, our water treatment technology comes handy in swimming pools by reducing the build-up of harsh hard water minerals which ensures no more burning of eyes and skin and also reduction of hair fall. It further eliminates surface oils, reduces scum line formation while also absorbing any oily residues including body oils and sun tan lotion. Our technology lasts a lifetime and is pollution and maintenance free while incurring no chemical, maintenance or energy costs as well.