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Buying Vortex Water Softener Agriculture

Hard water is a very annoying factor which creates so many issues for domestic, agriculture or any manufacturing usage. It is when the vortex water softener agriculture becomes a relevant product. There are so many factors that should be considered so that you can find water treatment system which suits the budget and your need. The following factors give you a better idea to find the best water softener for you which is capable of resolving your issues.

Levels of Water Consumption

Based on the land that you have and the crop cultivated there, the water consumption may vary. There are water softeners available in different sizes. Here the size indicates the number of hardness grains; a water softener is capable of removing between regeneration. The water softener should be able to ideally handle the situations where the water usage becomes more than usual.

If you want to find the size of the water softener that suits your need, you need to know the level of hardness of the water and also the water consumption for irrigation. The average daily water consumption should be multiplied by the number of grains per gallon of the hardness minerals in the water to get the capacity of the water softener that you need.


Water softener needs periodic regenerations for ensuring that the water stays soft as you need. There are water softeners available in the market that does the regeneration automatically based on the timer set. There are also water softeners that need you to do a manual regeneration. It is convenient if you get a water softener with automatic regeneration as it does not need you to remember about doing it.

Ease of Handling

Choose a water softener that comes with the features which make it very easy for anyone to use. It is necessary to go through the manual for understanding the way, the water softener works. If you have a proper idea of the features available then you can easily make use of it. The maintenance is another part which needs consideration. It would be a mess if you buy a water softer that needs very frequent maintenance. Choose a water softener that will go through very less maintenance and lasts for a longer term. The customer reviews on the products give an insight to these factors so that you can buy an appropriate vortex water softener agriculture which handles the water hardness issues efficiently.

Tips for Comparing Drip Irrigation Companies

There are so many drip irrigation companies available in the market that sell their drip irrigation system to be installed at agricultural areas or for a garden. If you need to choose the one that is suitable for you, it is necessary for you to have the basic idea about drip irrigation system and how they work. Here is some information that a newbie trying to find a suitable drip irrigation should know.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is the watering system that is of low pressure and low volume which provides water to garden or agricultural area by implementing different methods like streams, spraying and dripping. This irrigation system uses very less amount of water as the whole idea is to keep the roots moist and not soaked. This system can be hidden easily under one layer of mulch or by the plants itself.

Benefits of Using Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation system comes with so many benefits making them very suitable to be used especially in areas that have issues of water scarcity. It comes with reduced overspray and evaporation and uses less amount of water compared to the sprinkler system. It is not required to make trenches as for the underground sprinkler but this irrigation system can be hidden under a layer of mulch or can even be left on the ground. This makes the process of installation very easy. As the whole system is easily accessible, it is much easier for you to find out any issues and resolve the same faster compared to other irrigation systems which are installed underground. Drip irrigation also prevents the occurrence of fungal diseases as it does not create a highly moist environment. Watering is done precisely and gently thus reducing erosion and runoff effectively.

Components of Drip Irrigation Systems

It is necessary to get acquainted with the important components that form part of the drip irrigation system, before buying and installing one.

  • Backflow Preventers: These are the devices that prevent water to re-enter the water supply from irrigation system when the system is left off.
  • Pressure regulators:Regulates the water pressure for drip irrigation system as it needs very less pressure.
  • Filters: They ensure that debris is prevented to clog emitters and tubing. Some of the pressure regulators are accompanied with built-in filters.
  • Tubes: They ensure transport of water and it is good to choose the one with UV resistance.

A drip irrigation system also needs stakes, emitters, fittings, risers, timers, hole punches, cutters and plugs for its proper operation. It is good to go through the features provided by various drip irrigation companies to compare them and choose the most suitable one.

Why Choose a Magnetic Water Softener for Agriculture?

Water is the key factor for farming. It is always important to make use of the best water for irrigation of the crops. Many of them get this when they can make use of water from river or canal directly to their agricultural land. It is not a solution for farmers from all the places. More than 85% of the farmers make use of well or bore water for irrigation. It is this situation that makes most of them deal with the issue of hard water. It is suggested to make use of magnetic water softener for agriculture to handle the issues related to hard water.

Problems Using Hard Water

Usage of hard water can gradually lead to scaling of the water motor pipe, water pipe line, the sprinkler nozzle and also dripper irrigation line. The appearance of time scales makes it impossible for ensuring uniform water supply to the crops. The hard water can also create direct negative impacts on the crops. If the water has high hardness levels it can ruin the leaves of the crops, it can even slow down the growth of the plants and damage the soil structure. It makes it very hard for having a good harvest or to make a profit out of agriculture. Installing a magnetic water softener makes it easy for handling the hard water issues.

How Magnetic Water Softener Works?

Magnetic water softener for agriculture can be bought from different companies. The device should be plugged in, clipping it to the incoming pipe. It creates a magnetic field that is capable of changing electromagnetic properties associated with the calcium-carbonate minerals so that they get repelled by each other and also by the pipes.

Benefits of Using Magnetic Water Softener

Usage of magnetic water softener makes the water soft so that the plants can easily absorb it as it does not come with higher surface tension like hard water. The water and minerals get easily absorbed by the plants thus leading to faster growth of the plants. A magnetic water softener makes the minerals to get repelled from the pipes, it ensures that there are no scales formed inside the irrigation system ensuring that they stay healthy without any need of frequent maintenance. A magnetic water softener can help the farmers get rid of most of the issues that they go through while using hard water for agriculture.

Benefits of Using Vortexed Magnetized Water

Water forms the major part of the body composition thus making it the important component which provides the body, the ability for maintaining health and prevent from any form of deterioration. This is possible only if the structure, content, and quality of water that you consume matches with the requirements of the body. If you are forced to use hard water for your daily consumption, it is not ideal for your body as it can gradually lead to many issues. The vortexed magnetized water is a solution to handle the hard water effectively. Here are the reasons for using magnetized water.

Reduces Acidity

Acidity is one of the major issues that people face when they use hard water. It really makes life very hard as it makes anyone uncomfortable throughout the day. Prolonged acidity can gradually lead to many other serious ailments too. Vortexed magnetized water has the ability for regulating the pH levels of the body as it has alkaline nature, thus freeing one from the issue of acidity.

Benefits in Agriculture

Magnetic field helps in breaking down the minerals into smaller particles, making them easily absorbable by plant cells. It helps in providing maximum hydration with healthy water thus making the plants easily absorb the minerals resulting in better yields. The growth of the plants can also increase substantially with the usage of magnetized water. Plants stay healthy with the usage of magnetized water and so need for using pesticides and fertilizers on the plants also gets reduced substantially. When you make use of magnetized water for irrigation, the amount of water required is very less. The irrigation system also stays healthy without the need for any maintenance as magnetized water do not lead to the formation of scales in pipes and tubes.

Good for Skin

Hard water can result in acne, pimples and many such issues to the skin which can be solved with the use of magnetized water. It keeps your skin clean and healthy.

Helps Body Absorb Natural Nutrients

Vortexed magnetized water has the ability for dissolving compounds thus making it contain more oxygen. This makes the water rich with natural nutrients that the body needs. Drinking magnetized water with the natural nutrients makes them easily available for the body so that one can stay healthy and in good shape.

Solution for Water Scarcity

If the water from existing water supplies is magnetized and made available for consumption than the issue of water scarcity can be handled effectively.