Make your Life Better with Magnetized Vortex Pipes

Bipolar magnetized water is a special type of water which has been treated with the North and South poles. It is currently the most popularly magnetized water as it is useful for treating a large variety of medical disorders. This is the reason that bipolar magnetized water is also often called Wonder Water.

History of Use:

Famous Russian urologists, namely Dr. K. Tovstoles, Dr. I. Shetsov and Dr. G. Gerbenshchikow, were the pioneers of using magnetized water for treatment in the country. These specialists were an integral part of the Kirov Military Medical Academy situated in Leningrad.

When patients suffering from various urological disorders were made to drink the magnetized water on a regular basis, it proved significant in disintegrating the gall bladder and kidney stones. These stones were found to break into very small pieces. These could be painlessly passed out through the urinary tract. This treatment was effective in treating kidney and gall bladder stones without any pain or risk to the patients.

The magnetized water was also found to help prevent formation of gall bladder and kidney stones in the future.

Current Use:

Since more than 30 years, Russian physicians have been using internally bipolar magnetized water to successfully treat a large number of medical diseases and disorders. Magnetized water has been found to be very efficient in treating nervous problems, as well as digestive and urinary ailments. Apart from these, it is also used in treatment of painful urinations, swelling and inflammation, pain, mastitis, various aches, numerous fevers, colds, cough, bronchitis and other medical disorders.

How does Magnetized Water work?

Magnetized water owes its wondrous healing powers as it is comparatively wetter than ordinary water. This makes it able to penetrate deeper than normal water. This property allows magnetized water to assimilate and imbed nutrients and vitamins deeper into every cell. This makes the body healthier and stronger with a better immune system also.

In an experiment conducted by Soviet biologist Kumarov, use of magnetized water was found to double the normal life span of a conventional fly. He fed the flies with carefully magnetized sugar and most of the test subjects were reported to reach more than the double of their natural life span.

Effective in Weight Control

In Magnets for your Health, Dr. Louis Donnet (M D), stated that, magnetized water can be helpful in weight control, as an adjutant to a correct diet. This proves that magnetized water is also a completely natural weight-loss substitute. He went on to further state (on page 82) that there were more than 100 successful cases that he witnessed. This property of magnetized water as an effective weight-loss supplement is also supported by the fact that it is found to quicken the rate of metabolism. Improved metabolism is most effective in burning off unwanted obese fatty tissues from the body without having to resort to more serious (surgical) methods for weight-loss.

As the magnetized water can dissolve accumulated salt on the boiler wall and radiators, it is also found to work in a similar manner on accumulated plaque which blocks the artery and veins. This water is most effective in removing the collected cholesterol and other salt deposits from around the walls of the artery and veins in the body, this helps to improve the blood circulation noticeably.

Other Popular Uses:

Irregular Menstruation

According to Dr. H L Bansal, magnetized water can also effectively help in correcting the irregular menstrual pattern seen in some women. Magnetized water helps to normalize the menstrual periods.

Instant Energy Drink

One of the most powerfully beneficial properties of magnetized water is that it gives instant energy for daily activities. In the book The Magnetic Effect, popular biophysicist and innovative researcher in advanced magnate therapy, Albert R Davis writes about the time when he realized that he and his colleagues could effectively prevent afternoon lethargy with simply drinking a glass of bipolar magnetized water and resting for a few minutes as opposed to the couple of hours usually required.

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