Fish Prefers Nirmalls Treated Water With Vortex Technology!

Nirmall continues to be committed with its technology of Nirmall Vortex Water Treatment, by treating Hard Water and help in saving water & conserving water. Pleased to inform you a one of its kind treatment is in process at the Gurdwara Nanak Piao Saraovar in Delhi, Grand Trunk road National Highway 1, New Rana Pratap Bagh New Delhi 110033.

Sarovar water of a Gurdwara being treated with a technology that Nirmall’s scientist has developed with far reaching results in treating Hard Water Soft and managing stagnant waters better.

Seeing is believing how we will be saving thousands of litres of water per year just from this Sarovar water retention. The removal of algae is in theprocess, water is restructured, and the water clarity improves and thetaste to some extent. No use of chemicals and without wasting a single drop of water. The over 60 lakh water capacity Sarovar containing Hard Water is passed through 2x 4 inches Nirmall votex pipes supported by a 5hp water pump and returned to the Sarovar. In this way the water can be retained for months and the marine life is well maintained too.

Treated water being enjoyed by the fish!
Nirmall Vortex Pipes

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