Best Way to Change the Life of Farmers[Donate a Technology]

A farmer is required by us 3 times a day and if you look back not only you, your parents, their grand parents and so on….. the relationship with farmers is as old as your family ancestors you know about. Lately the farmers are going through crisis, today the hands that fed the nation are unable to feed their own family. The crisis can be judged by the number of most farmer suicides nationally. In most cases the conditions of the soil have made their land infertile or very low productivity. The cause of the soil becoming infertile is the quality of the water used over the years.

Today we have a technology that can treat their water source and make the soil fertile to give higher quality and quantity of yield and we are proud many farmers in Maharashtra and Gujarat have adopted to this technology and are growing in excess of what they did. They are earning more and the technology has empowered them to effectively serve them for over 15 years.

Nirmall Vortex Water Treatment Devices is developed by our scientist using rare earth materials imported from USA. Reputed government agencies have done preliminary tests and certified results that are documented, further large number of farmers are successfully using them in Maharashtra & Gujarat their testimonies make us proud to have changed their economic condition far better with our technology.

Vortex Pipe Installed in Farm

Not all farmers can afford the technology that will bring a significant change for them. We invite your concerns to come forward and strengthen the hands of likeminded people by Donating Technology to him that will change his today and empower him for the next 12 years and beyond. We have single donors and multiple donors collaborating to sponsor single or multiple farmers. Nirmall as a company has subsidised largely their share as their personal contribution.

Lets hear what the workers of laheja farm in Kutch have to say about it, After using vortex device, we now have improved soil and had a better crop of cotton and now processing another crop.


Donate a Technology is not a short term correction in their lives but correcting the root cause of their problem. You may contact our cell as to how your financial aid can change a farmers survival. We are doing our bit to empower them(not help them), how about you?

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