We at Nirmall Enterprise feel proud to call ourselves trendsetters in water conservation, skywater conservation and reuse, through our application of ground-breaking knowledge together with technological expertise. The company offers radical, efficient technology based tools to supply much needed water resources for potable use. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a trailblazing organization in the field of water recycling, reuse and storage solutions. Our intensive research practices have been yielding products that completely overhaul the whole spectrum of irrigational practices currently used in India. Our products are already taking the market by storm. We have triumphantly completed several projects, changing the lives of millions of people all over the country. Our projects are now successfully running at various locations across India, and our products are exported to Spain and Dubai.

Our solutions in water use, reuse, and storage have had widespread implications in a number of sectors:

  • Rural areas and villages
  • Urban, semi-urban and slum areas
  • Residential and commercial complexes
  • Real estate developers
  • Agriculture and drip irrigation
  • Healthcare and hospitality industry
  • Laundry centres and textile processing
  • Manufacturing units and private offices
  • Railway stations and airports
  • Boilers, cooling towers and solar heaters
  • Government institutions and public offices
  • Gyms, sports centres, spas and golf courses
  • Educational institutes and religious centres
  • Crises and emergency situations

In our endeavour to change the existing face of Indian water resource utilization, we announce two highly innovative Nirmall products:


Nirmall Enterprise introduces, for the first time in India, Nirmall Vortex Water Device. It is our endeavor to ensure that the goodness of pure water reaches every tap in the country.

We understand the pressing need for safe and healthy water for drinking, domestic consumption, agriculture and industrial usage. Continuous usage and ingestion of hard and chemically treated water tends to have a drastic effect on the functioning of the human body and our eco system.

With the introduction of Nirmall Vortex Water Device, Nirmall Enterprise is committed to providing safe and healthy water to all.

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Nirmall Enterprise helps corporates and residential societies harvest and collect rainwater run-off through rainwater harvesting projects and thereby restore the equilibrium of the existing water resources. The process involves augmenting the groundwater reserves by adopting methods such as recharging old dried up wells, using trenches, borewells and pits, water spreading, etc. These are cost effective methods which help provide high quality soft water which is low in mineral content.

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Know more about us

  • Vision and mission statement

    To create awareness and educate people about the impact of water pollution on our lives and our eco system

    To actively promote the benefits of healthy water for a healthy life cycle and balanced eco-system

    To initiate a nation – wide movement for water conservation

  • Our Philosophy

    Nirmall Enterprise believes in continually developing with the help of a team of proficient, expert scientists and engineers, and through innovative practices that revolutionize the existing means of using and re-using resources. We believe that unless we check the existing levels of pollution in the environment, our resources will continue to contaminate and, over time, deplete. Our philosophy is to implement exciting new research practices aimed at providing better resources for a better planet by developing cost-efficient, affordable and clean technology.
  • Our core values

    • Affordable technology
      Traditional methods available for water use and re-use are quite expensive in terms of installation costs and maintenance. We offer affordable and long term solutions.
    • Sustainable solutions
      Our research team has ensured that the tools employed do not contribute to the pollution and waste accumulation crisis, while also believing in re-using and recycling existing resources.
    • Innovative practices
      Our practices and intervention tools are highly innovative. We aim to avert potential natural disasters and economic losses, offering integrated solutions in rainwater harvesting and our magnetic Device.
    • Integrity
      We believe in bringing out the most advanced technology to end users, and our core value of integrity combined with cutting edge research has resulted in many cohesive solutions being developed.